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Listening to young people

Listening to young people and their voices

On May 23, 2024, the Cultural Literacies’ Value in Europe (CLiViE) project held its first Peer-to-Peer Meeting in Leiden, focusing on ‘Listening to Young People and Their Voices.’

This significant event featured presentations from five prominent non-academic organizations that shared their expertise and innovative approaches to engaging with young people:

  1. Karolina Sajniak - Drzyzga, Julian Cochran Foundation: "Breaking the Spell Around Classical Music – Giving a Voice to the Young Generation," which explored novel methods to make classical music more accessible and engaging for the youth.

  2. Milda Laužikaitė and Saulė Norkutė, Kūrybinės jungtys: "Creative Partnerships for Deep Learning and Community Dialogue," which highlighted the transformative power of creative collaborations in promoting deep learning and community engagement.

  3. Sharon Detrick, Defence for Children International Nederland: "A Children’s Rights Perspective on Listening to Young People and Children," emphasizing the importance of incorporating children's rights into our dialogue and engagement practices.

  4. Jyrki Erakorpi, Helsingen Nuorten Miesten Kristillinen Yhdistys: Shared insights from his extensive experience in youth engagement and community work.

  5. De Kleine Ambassade @De Kleine Ambassade: Presented their innovative methods for engaging young people, followed by an insightful Q&A session.

Key takeaways from the event include:

  • The critical role that young people play in shaping our collective future.

  • The strong desire of young people to express their sensitivity and to be genuinely heard.

  • The most effective way to discover what young people truly want and need is to ask them directly.

  • Young people’s ideas are often surprising, fresh, and remarkably creative.

The CLiViE project is an ambitious initiative aimed at redefining the value of cultural literacy through arts-based education, thereby enhancing social cohesion across Europe. This project is poised to foster a more inclusive and culturally rich society.

Second peer-to-peer meeting
First General Assembly

First General Assembly

We had a productive first General Assembly meeting for the CLiViE Project, despite the wintry backdrop to our spring gathering. It was an excellent opportunity to connect with all consortium members and discuss key deliverables and milestones.

The project is advancing impressively, with contributions from all partners leading towards enhancing cultural literacy through arts-based education across Europe. Learn more about our innovative approaches and the impact we're aiming for on social cohesion.

Second General Assembly

The Second General Assembly meeting will be held in Milan on November 8th, 2024.

Second General Assembly

Second peer-to-peer meeting

Second peer-to-peer meeting will be held in Prague on 22nd January 2025.

Second peer-to-peer meeting
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